Ryan Welte a.k.a. Ryan Cali is a Rapper/Songwriter born on July 22nd 1991, in Zürich,  Switzerland. Growing up with his parents and his older brother, Ryan lived a great childhood.      Coming from a bilingual family, with his mother coming from San Diego, California, and his father being a Swiss, he was brought up with two languages, English and Swiss German. At the age of 10 he got very influenced by Eminem’s music and started to listen to rap more and more. It was that time where he started to pick up the pen and write his own lyrics.


At the age of 14 Ryan had his first performance at a school event. It was also the time where he was able to record his music in a studio in Lachen, a small village in Switzerland. In this studio he received lots of advice and experience from his two mentors, Simon Kappeler and Claudio Müller. They had a label named DP-Records and they gave Ryan the opportunity to extend his music. Performing at school events and at parties, Ryan got a lot of attention and he gained more and more experience.

Going to school wasn’t really his thing as he would find it hard to sit down and try to fill out a test sheet. He would rather think about the subject of a new song. He would find things complicated, that others would find easy. It was hard for him sitting quietly and concentrate, listening to things he wasn’t really interested in. He always felt a little different from the others around him.

At the age of 18 Ryan started to build his own studio. Unfortunately, DP-Records came to a point where everyone went their separate ways and they started to split up. So Ryan kept on following his dream on his own and continued making music.

Ryan recorded a lot of music but never released it. He just wasn’t ready to put out his music and compare himself with the mainstream artists. This all changed on May, 2017, when he released his first single “Lost Child“, later followed by singles like “Hope“, “Kings“, “Lights, Camera, Action“ and his EP  “Justice For Dummies“.

In 2018 Ryan realized that Switzerland wasn’t really the place for him to create music. So he decided to move to California to pursue his passion.